Who is the yeti...

about Ski Yeti Magic

The Yeti is an experienced skier, a parent of a ski protege as well as the chief of a ski crew taking trips each year.

With many years of ski and travel experience under the belt, from luxury family at Tots Too, to packages with Crystal Ski, the Yeti is in the know when it comes to ski trips in Europe. This knowledge and experience combined with a love of the alps, exploring new resorts and an obsession with all things snow, makes the Yeti well placed to advise on best ski options.

Picture of Becky Knapp


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a happy customer comment:

“Becky (the yeti) is the ultimate go-to trip planner for the best places to ski in Europe. Always knows where to find the cool and quaint resorts, with brilliant flight and transfer deals. Have booked five amazing holidays so far – she knows her stuff! “


Why do this?

For the love of ski!

In the digital age skiers want to gain a bit more control and book their flight times, trip duration and room types themselves without any restrictions.

We save you time.

It’s all about sharing the knowledge – There are some amazing places to ski in Europe that you may not know about. Awesome destinations at great prices if you only know how.

Skiing is for everyone

Ski Yeti Magic is determined to make skiing 100% inclusive. We want to shake off the reputation of it being a sport for the elite few.  Everyone should have the chance to try.  We want to help you find the break that suits you best and encourage you to speak to us if you need help working out what is right for you.

Our planet

We love the mountains, we love our planet, and we are deeply concerned about climate change.

Our members are encouraged to carbon off-set their ski trips and try to minimise their contribution to global warming.  Members are also offered an opportunity to give a donation to our woodland charity when they take up membership.  

Things we do:

Ski Yeti Magic endeavours to always do business without travel whenever this is possible. Video calls are our preferred method of contact especially involving business overseas. When we do take trips overseas we will always offset.

We love our bikes. Our company aims to do local business related journeys either by bike or public transport to minimise travel. Car is a last resort. The business is run from a home office at present so no commuting.

Our policy is torecycle and re-use wherever possible.

We won’t use single use plastics and try to use recycled products whenever we can.

Where possible, we keep everything online and try to only print when essential.

This Yeti is totally meat free! 

We invite our members to contact us with any opportunities or ideas on ways we can help to save the planet on: skiyetimagic@gmail.com