ski transfers made simple

Finding a flight, ski transfer and resort combination

It’s very easy to spend way too much time finding cheap flights then trying to match them up with good resorts and reasonably priced transfers. A bit of knowledge is always helpful when researching the best cheap flight, transfer and resort combinations.

This guide will hopefully help those looking for a resort in France that will suit their budget, location and ski level.

How to use

The colours in the private transfer grid correspond to length of time of the transfer which in turn corresponds pretty much with price (the shorter the transfer the cheaper it is generally).

Greens are great for couples and smaller parties of people

Yellows great for mid sized groups

Reds suit larger groups to share the price (or for people who are not short of cash).

I have also put in a bit of info on public transport but to be honest its rarely worth doing. (If there’s more than one of you then your most likely better off getting a private transfer. The resort buses are never really cheap in the end and the timings don’t often match up with your fights.)

Some of the bigger resorts also have private transfer companies that will also offer shared tranfer options. Places like Chamonix and some of the three valley so its also worth looking into this.

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