French Ski Apartments

The wonderful world of French Ski Apartments

Skiing in France based in a self-catering apartment is top for convenience and price, but if you haven’t tried before it’s good to know what you might be getting.

I recently recommended some French ski apartments that I had stayed in before. I confidently  posted before checking Trip Advisor as I knew the accommodation well. To my horror I discovered afterwards there were some very negative reviews. It’s pretty much always the same issues with Brits new to French ski apartments. The not knowing what they’ve signed up for. Here I am enlightening newbies on the best of French apartments so they know what they are getting.

They are sometimes REALLY small

The size situation seems to have much improved with more recent builds so newer is always the best place to start. 60’s and 70’s built apartments can be painfully tiny.

Do the cleaning yourself or pay

If you take a French apartment you will most likely have to clean it to a good standard at the end of the stay. They don’t tend to have cleaning service included unless you pay extra and will withhold a deposit if it’s not up to standard.


You will almost always have to pay a deposit, often cash. This is refunded once you have left the apartment in good condition and they will come round to check.

Almost everything is extra

Ski apartments in France are often cheap because it’s pretty much just a roof over your head. You can often expect to pay extra for wifi in rooms, TV, towels and sometimes even bedding.

Late/Early check ins

You are highly unlikely to get in to your apartment early unless you pay a premium for this as an extra service. You will normally be looking at 4 / 5 pm. They will most likely boot you out by ten am too!

Luggage storage on arrival/departure

If you ask really nicely they may well keep your bags out the back for you but you need to do some sweet talking and it’s not guaranteed. Courtesy and politeness go a long way in France and if you start on the right foot you will be treated well.

Bunk bed in corridors

If you see ‘coin montagne’ on the apartment description it’s likely we are talking a 60’s 70’s built shoe box which really does have a bunk bed in the front hall as you walk in.

Tiny kitchens

You may face the added thrill of choosing between coffee vs electrocution when you come to make breakfast. Many of the apartments I have stayed in are quite short on plug points and space. I’ve had to drag my electric leads right over the sink a few times. When a description says ‘kitchen’ I would take a look at full info and pictures to see exactly what you are getting. They are normally quite minimal but they are fine for making basics like breakfasts and pastas. Often they may be missing things like a freezer and proper oven.

Parking may cost extra

You may or may not have to pay for parking but don’t assume it is free.