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Ski Resorts with chairlifts

The current need for social distancing and crowd safety means a change of tactic when choosing a resort this year. As things stand, resorts with big cable cars whisking customers up to the ski areas are going to find things tougher. Some ski resorts with large cables already suffer from bottle necks so it’s going to be a real challenge this season.

If you would prefer to play it safe and find a resort with plenty of chairs we can recommend some options. Plenty of chairlifts and/or small bubble lifts should help the lift queues run  smoother while making it easier to social distance.


Take a chair up to connect to the rest of the region here. This resort is  dependent on larger chairs giving you plenty of fresh clean air. Total ski area 445kms Evasion Mont Blanc which includes Megeve and St Gervais.

Part of the Milky Way area this resort is already set at a high altitude and you can access skiing on both sides of the valley without the need to take a cable. There are plenty of chairs and a couple of small bubble cars too. Total ski area 400kms Milky Way.

There are some small bubbles here from Super Chatel and La Linga, but you can also take a chair if you are based in La Linga to access the rest of the area, or the chair starting by the lake at the top of Chatel. Total ski area 650 kms.

Also look at Flaine, Espace Diamant, Alp D’Huez and Les Sybelles.


Connect with the vast area of the Milky Way by either taking a chair up (and possibly down depending on snow) then a small bubble towards Sauze. If you are heading to the French side, Montgenevre then you can get a couple of chairs over. Again there are some small bubbles here but not the big cables connecting to the base of the slopes. Total ski area 400ms Milky Way.

Once you have taken a small bubble up to the mid station it’s chairs chairs and more chairs here. You may find a small bubble again in the Gressoney valley but the majority of runs are served by lifts serving you a daily dose of fresh air. There is also a funicular in Frechey which may run into group social distancing issues but the area can be accessed from the Champoluc side too if you find the queues are daunting. Total ski area Monterossa 180kms.

If you are after vintage chairlifts this is the place! Last year this may have been frowned upon but this year it’s a real selling point. The Campo Smith side of the resort is chairs and a drag lift only. The Jafferau side has a small bubble then also has chairs. Total ski area 100kms.

Also look at Civetta, Folgaria and Madonna di Campiglio.


There are some super efficient high tech chairs in this resort that swiftly whisk you up the mountains. As you are already high up in this resort there’s no need for long journeys to the ski area. Total ski area 119kms.

Ellmau/Ski Welt 
A few small bubbles but mostly chairs in the Ski Welt ski area meaning you can flit from villages including Scheffau, Soll, Ellmau and Westendorf with few concerns. Total ski area 82kms.

Also try Obertaun for beginners and Badklein Kircheim.

If you want to look up lift info for any other resorts lists the type of lifts in ech resort which is very useful.