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Covid Update – The social groups side of the business is sadly currently on hold.  We do not feel it is safe or viable given the current global health situation. We look forward to offering this service when the world becomes a safer placer again.

Join our tribe

The Yeti is constantly meeting lone skiers dreaming of their next ski trip  – parents, professionals and adventurers who would love to connect up with other like minded skiers and boarders to just get a quick fix of snow each season. Circumstances often mean you can’t spare a whole week away. Perhaps it’s trouble finding childcare, no holiday allowance left, or maybe god forbid your partner is not into skiing. For whatever reason, we want to offer you the opportunity of finding a small group of like minded skiers with the same requirements to share a trip and help connect up the community of snow lovers. If you are a fan of the mountains you are a friend of ours.

The Yeti has been running ‘Chicks on Sticks’ ladies ski group trips to the mountains for the last 5 years and now it’s time to open this opportunity up to everyone. Mums, dads, single professionals, pop stars, whoever you are, if you want to get away for a few days skiing , get in touch and we can put you on our list and tell you what’s coming up. We have a ‘Chicks on Sticks’ group and a ‘Boys in Bobble Hats’ as our 2 groups currently.

The trips are ideal for ages 30+ and those who are keen skiers or boarders.

Group shot women skiers

How does it work?

We will hold the hotel rooms and transfer places while you book your flights, and then you can confirm with us. Places are limited (8 people) so you will need to sign up quickly. As with the other Yeti trips we recommend, we are not a tour operator and the holiday arrangements are your responsibility if you opt to join us. You will need to arrange your own travel and snowsports insurance.

Group sizes are about eight people and rooms are shared as twins or triples so you will need to be prepared to share with your new ski buddies. We ask our guests to be considerate to their room mates.

Typically the trips will be bed and breakfast and the group can eat out together in the evening and lunchtime. Trips tend to take a Thursday evening flight and return Monday evening. The trips are ideal for intermediate skiers as many of the ski schools operate limited hours over the weekend so for beginners it might be trickier to book on to group lessons.

The cost is normally around £350-400 (flight, transfer, bed and breakfast) including a £65 Yeti Club Fee PP which enables us to put the group together and accompany you to make sure things run smoothly.

We come recommended

Here’s one of our happy customers comments:

“Becky (the yeti) is the ultimate go-to trip planner for the best places to ski in Europe. Always knows where to find the cool and quaint resorts, with brilliant flight and transfer deals. Have booked five amazing holidays so far – she knows her stuff! “


Am I a lost member of this tribe?

Quite likely!

If you are a lover of skiing or boarding, are happy to share a room with a new found Yeti friend and are a happy easy going kind of guy or girl then yes.

What this is not:

If apres ski is a major part of your ski trip this may not be for you. We love to have a few beers after a days skiing, but for those who want to party hard all night long, we won’t be going to resorts with huge apres scenes and it’s probably not the trip you are after. As there are room shares we need to be considerate to our new room mates.


Email us for more details stating either ‘Chicks on Sticks’ or ‘Boys in Bobblehats’ as the email title at skiyetimagic@gmail.com

Currently taking enquiries for  a ‘Chicks on Sticks’ ski trip on the 27th Feb 20 going to the Dolomites for a long weekend.  Get in touch for more info: skiyetimagic@gmail.com


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